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Our Dancers for the Stars

Breeanya Hinkel and Lungani Gwala

$22,460 Total Raised 

Danell Riggs and Ronnie Debenedetta

$5,440 Total Raised

Daneth Hollahan and Leo Gallegos

$7,550 Total Raised

Stan Goligoski and Kelly Gallegos

$16,270 Total Raised

Sheri Shaw and Dre Caldwell

$14,420 Total Raised

Jess Costa and Nick Fournier

$27,210 Total Raised

Skye Direen and Ron Howard

$7,490 Total Raised

Ken Lain and Carie Hughes

$26,430 Total Raised

Chief Tyran Payne and Alexes Niekamp

$11,560 Total Raised

DJ Walters and Marina Rogova-O’Brien

$14,470 Total Raised

Dancing for the Stars

Boys and Girls Clubs

Thanks to all Our Sponsors


Boys and Girls Clubs


Boys and Girls Clubs

The Boys & Girls Clubs are a crucial piece of our community. A community of people who will do whatever it takes for our kids. As an integral part of this culture, it is our pleasure to recognize and thank our supporters. There is no better way to thank donors than to have the leading champions of our community be honored as distinguished citizens at a jaw dropping public event. What better way to thank donors and honor citizens than by having them perform and dance, all for the clear purpose of ensuring great futures for our youth.

Why We Dance?

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